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Drawing on anthropological, sociological and historical data, David Adams book "The Culture of Peace" traces all aspects of the culture of war in its evolution from prehistory to the present time. It concludes that the state has increasingly monopolized war and the culture of war, to the point that the state is incapable of promoting a culture of peace.

David Adams is a former UNESCO Director of the Unit for the International Year for the Culture of Peace [2000]. He is today coordinator of the Culture of Peace News Network.

1) Cultivating Peace
2) Peace is in our Hands

1. Introduction

First segment of lecture on Culture of Peace by David Adams at the International Leadership Development Program Conference of the University of Connecticut Institute of Comparative Human

2. War is not part of human nature

3. Culture of War?

4. Culture of Peace?

5. Global Movement to replace the Empire

6. World Peace through the Town Hall