MAKE 'Portable Solar' your OWN

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Solar Energy contributes economically to job creation and sustainable development wherever there is access and, where it has been installed.

The Miacat at explores and promotes the benefits of 'affordable portable solar power' and has a particular interest in promoting access to regions where there is greatest need.

Knowledge is Power Right?

For this reason, I collect promote and share 'do-it-yourself' (DIY) solutions when I find them so that visitors to this website may gain inclusive knowledge about the benefits of portable solar. Solar Energy solutions do not have to be big or expensive to be doable. As prices for Solar Cells are coming down there is now more opportunity to promote knowledge and create affordable access to Solar Power Energy everywhere.

As my own portfolio grows I will also be looking to review products within the market-place in the area of Portable Solar Power, with special interest in solar panel charge kits and batteries. I believe these senarios are often an immediate and safe way to gain access to portable solar power when there are no other alternatives to electric power.

The Business of Solar Energy

The point of this website is to reflect how 'portable solar power' can practical for use in every-day life.

I mean really, we can adopt portable solutions in the home, in the work-place as well as when camping for fun or travel.

By understanding more about what's possible with 'portable solar power energy' we can learn more about how to embrace it's immediate capacity for productive end-use outcomes in our every-day ... daily lives.

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