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WATER - 'tipping point' a trigger of catastrophic & unsustainable ecological change



ABC SPLASH - AWESOME, knowledge site for school students.

World Food Bank

Congo News


"Why don't (the Israelis) stop settlement?"asks President Mahmoud Abbas

Amnesty shocked at Nauru flooded, wet  "TENT" conditions & HEALTH . I personally question "WHY" Nauru bans Media Access, and "ASK" how could this be acceptable with Australia | Dumb-founding.

Rohingya No-where to go |Australian Rohingya Community| New Mandala

Mama Asia -
Stories by Sally Sara

Ocean "acidification" report by Felicity Ogilvie

Whose Listening? Swift action required to tackle widening emissions gap: U.N. | Temperature targets unlikely to be met, UN World Meteorological Organisation says | Greenhouse gases hit record high

Margareta Wahlström: As we have seen with the Thai floods, the Japanese disaster, and the floods in Australia – you cannot say disasters are local today

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Kevin Rudd Gains Vote over Ballot.
[Kevin Rudd 57, Julia Gillard 45, Wednesday 26th.]  Anthony  Albanese - Deputy Leader and Leader of the House Penny Wong Leader of the Senate [Yahoo]. Julie Gillard wrote to the Governor-General Quentin Bryce, asking her to commission Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister.

- Discussions with ALP Foreign Minister Bob Carr and Former Queensland Labor Premier Peter Beattie

Question: On Asylum Seekers, is it not correct that much of the rest of the world is experiencing a GFC. When we speak of the Asylum Seekers, is it not this aspect that has contributed to the distress on the streets of our neighboring nations? Is it not correct that this "change" is part of the change that Australia needs to discuss. I.E. Forced Migration is not only about the use of arms in war.... as in persecution/threat to life at gun point. We need a "whole" regional approach to work this out with our regional leaders.

At a multi-national corporate level, the fires in the retail industry, the conditions of mining for workers overseas, [cheap labour] alone are examples of the dire problem before we even face the policies of economic survival for the unemployed, homeless.... all those we say we support and would like to "protect" against people trafficking, and all the other forms of crime. Australia needs to raise the level of discussion on these topics with a view to strategies. We need some "manufactured consent" on these matters. Link the real story to the national rhetoric. Especially after this election.

Duratable solutions is a topic we have not even addressed in public. What does it mean when we discuss the issue with UNCHR and others, concerned about those in Africa, in Camps as well as those fleeing the conditions on the streets in our own backyard.

TRUE! Australia's
stance on Refugee's

'If we cannot work it out amongest ourselves [as a nation] then how the hell do we expect to work it out with the Indian Pacific region'... [a true liberal view full of common sense.]

SYRIA --->

Médecins Sans Frontières in Syria Appeals for urgent international committment to Humanitarian Aid and other related concerns in Syrian crisis.

SBS World News: The United Nations says the number of Syrian refugees is likely to be even higher than 1.5 million.

Médecins Sans Frontières in Syria: Nearly all Syrians are now impacted by the collapsing civil society and in the border camps the humanitarian situation is stark.

Syria medics treat hundreds of rebels for 'symptoms of chemical exposure'. Detailed account of Syria conflict include claims that suggest chemicals and toxic gases have been used on battlefields

U.N. human rights office said it had documented 92,901 killings in Syria between March 2011 and the end of April 2013.
The U.N. figures released in Geneva trace the arc of violence, with the average monthly number of documented killings rising from around 1,000 per month in summer 2011 to an average of more than 5,000 per month since July 2012. At its height from July to October 2012, the number of killings rose above 6,000 per month. Among the victims were at least 6,561 children, including 1,729 younger than 10, the U.N. said. more

At least 36 journalists reporting on human rights abuses in Syria have been detained, disappeared, tortured and killed according to Amnesty International.

Chemical weapons have killed between at least 100-150 in the ongoing conflict, according to White House estimates.
The US president's decision to send small arms and ammunition to Syrian rebels is a basic first step towards slowing Assad's advance and Tehran's rise, says David Rohde is a columnist for Reuters who reminds us of the many players in this theatre from his perspective.

Situation unsustainable
- Austria’s decision to withdraw its troops from the United Nations peacekeeping force in the Golan Heights.
Austria is one of three countries – along with India and the Philippines – that contribute military personnel in Golan Heights, to the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), which monitors the 1974 disengagement accord between Syria and Israel after their 1973 war. Austria reportedly cited a lack of freedom of movement and an unacceptable level of danger to its soldiers in deciding to withdraw. Since last November, UNDOF has had its peacekeepers seized by armed groups, its observation posts attacked and looted, and its freedom of movement curtailed.

Syria's Opposition just has to attend talks.
[It is unthinkabe that they would NOT attend the talks].LateNight Live: Syria and the Responsibility to Protect In the wake of the atrocities in Rwanda, Bosnia and Kosovo, the doctrine of the Responsibility To Protect was meant to end atrocities like these. So is it time to apply this in Syria? Australia's former foreign minister Gareth Evans is the primary architect and leading authority on the R2P initiative. He discusses this with Dr George Joffe from the University of Cambridge.

Geo-political Implications of Syrian conflict
- discussed with Rami Khouri of the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs at the American University of Beirut

We have to help stop the suffering and work hard for a ceasefire in Syria, says Australian Minister Bob Carr.

Western Fears on Syria amphified - political failure.... arguments against role of the West in Syria. Very difficult perspectives flushed out. More on
The World Today [29th May]

Counterpoint, all three stories. [Monday 27 May ].Most telling however is the role and support required for women in the Pacific. From the Jo Chandler interview, I am extremely concerned about the way the international community ignores the plight of women, especially when we have some international pledges and policy tools available for the purpose of supporting women, under international laws, treaties and policies. I suggest regarding 'corrupted' elections that we do a little more than we have to date to show our support and concern toward the need to ensure that elections - especially where known problems present barriers to women's energy is better respected. That we as the international community put more pressure on those nations that sell-out on fair political voting opportunities. Else what is the point of the international policies? Monitoring for example is essential when the evidence is so very public, pointing to the issues directly.

Gough Whitlam
(Prime Minister of Australia (1972–1975)
This is a Celebration.  It's About Time!

An Australian era I had not experienced. Having arrived in Australia after Gough's election, towards his end, I only experienced the moaning and saddness of a lost era. Over the years I have come to believe that Gough Whitlam was among Australia    q's greatest Prime Minister's ever, a most liberated man who led this nation... even for such a short time. The other one was Paul Keating!

Whitlam: The Power and the Passion - *****

Orbit Earth's Extraordinary Journey: This would have to be the most useful, graphically clear and scientifically liberating documentary made in this day and age on the planet earth. The content diverery is original, magic and shows us how and why we get wind, ice and rain. We learn how the earth revolves around the sun, and that the cosmos has more to do with our daily lives then other wise believed. I do hope ABC TV runs this documentary again. From stunning space imagery to in-your-face storm chasing, this series showcases the incredible power of our planets epic journey with presenters Kate Humble and Dr Helen Czerski and crew who capture the Earth in a way it has never been seen or even reaised before.

It is also worth every cent if you were to buy this DVD,
Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey

One in six Australian children are now living at or below the poverty line:
Salvation Army says a new national survey of its clients paints a bleak picture of everyday life for an increasing number of Australians, particularly children.

Beyond Natural Belief!
How and Why normal human behaviour is too often miss-diagnosed as mental illness: Mental Health Drugs have long been linked as a profit driven bonanza for the pharmaceutical industry.On top of this over the past 60 years the number of mental illnesses for which there is now a diagnosis has more than tripled. Dr Allen Frances who supervised the fourth edition of the American Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders (DSM 4), nineteen years ago, discusses the latest edition which he says turns normal behaviour into mental illness.

UPROOTED MINDS. I have just read the first chapter that is available on the internet. I advise citizens, politicians and service providers everywhere to read this chapter if not the entire book. As one citizen, I am increasingly concerned with the way we are producing a society of homelessness, purposeless worlds. Where the majority globally ache for a 'sense of security in a world of ever-changing goods, needs and, norms'. The mirror here  is not just on America but on each-one of ourselves, everywhere.

Nancy Hollander's discussion on "Bystanders" and conceptualization of what role social reality plays in unconscious life is something we could all better work harder to share and understand. Nancy Hollander and  Julian Burnside will be among other speakers at the Brain Center in Melbourne. Nancy Caro Hollander explores how social forces and ideology converge with unconscious dynamics to frame our experience of living in a traumatogenic globalized culture of crisis. Julian will discuss a number of individual cases which go a long way to explain the extraordinary psychological harm suffered by boat people in Australia.

Refugee's and Human Rights
Amnesty International 2012 Human Rights Report - interview with Widney Brown | Amnesty International has accused Australia of exploiting asylum seekers for political point scoring, rather than simply protecting people fleeing persecution and, Australia's migration zone - policy is harshly criticised by the UN's refugee agency, the UNHCR.

Commonwealth Ombudsman Colin Neave has called for asylum seeker applications to be processed within 90 days - that's the statutory requirement under the Migration Act.

Australia's Asylum policy risks breach of human rights laws, interview with David ManneExecutive Director of the Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre
Saturday Extra

Saturday Extra: Interview with Helen Clark, UNDP on leadership and the meaning of Human Security.

Eye on the Ball across the World... Growth vs Equity? A Conversation with UNDP Helen Clark and the launch of the 2013 Human Development Report.

Also a telling interview on stolen Europa Art where only 5% of all Artworks stolen have been either returned or settled. My own comment points to the world as a whole on this matter. All the War Ceremonies do not make-up for the blindness and dishonesty still rife between sovereignties and those who fail to address the injustice of War, it aftermath and the dislocation it causes as families experience the additional pain of losing the heritage [anywhere] with reference to property/art or what is rightfully theirs.

LifeMatters does wonderful work and sometimes the topic just happens to be exactly about the connective things that I want to discuss, more....What makes a life worth living? asks Hugh Mackay. What makes life living ['I or We?'].

Help save the life of another mother. Every 90 seconds, somewhere in the world, a woman dies from complications in childbirth

When a baby is born in Australia, there is a better way to celebrate than sending flowers. For the cost of a bunch of flowers, you can help save the life of another mother in the developing world.

Make a donation to life-saving maternal health programs in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and the Solomon Islands. New mothers will receive a beautiful card with a message from you.

Heard the interview with volunteers on ABC 666 today. Well Done. Inspiring energy, clear examples and good common sense.
Article - Builder Barry Kirby's labour of love in PNG.

SBS INSIGHT - Voices from North Korean defectors help take us inside the secretive state. Integrated with graphic's and media of North Korea with insight to how the defector's felt both inside North Korea and from afar.

SBS DATELINE - The Mexican Wave. A million Mexicans a year try and cross the US border illegally, but more and more are perishing in the desert heat, leaving relatives searching for answers.

Cambodia's Shame- Cambodia has one of the highest rates of gang rape in Asia... many young men, feel peer pressure to force women into group sex. So what can be done to change this disturbing behaviour?


Difficult Topic. Excellent questions from Emma Alberici. Stephen Koukoulas and Judith Sloan debate the health of the ecomony. While I lean on the views of Stephen Koukoulas, both guests were stimulating in their argument. More to the point, this kind of data discussed is possibly more useful then the same old "where's the money", which is becoming the most boring aspect of the  otherwise shallow grabline too often  seen as the only line  capable of being repeated through the general media. Content like this will help us better understand the future and is a game changer for the voter who wants a fair and honest election. Emma Alberici's experience can not be underestimated here. This has been among the best Lateline interviews this year for its level headed tone, integrity and content. We are getting so tired of the cheap slinging match that has dominated recent Australian politics.

       Equity &

Until Governments begin to work out how to merge Human Rights, through trade and the political World System we will continue to repeat the band-aiding of atrocities we see, which are getting worse... daily across the world. In a rare moment "Canada has raised the possibility of boycotting the next Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, in Sri Lanka, because of controversy over the country's human rights record." If only Australia had more spine and understood that why it governs is to lead people and our place within the world system. Our integrity is more important than anything else on the agenda.

For what Price?
Clothing companies blamed for Bangladesh factory deaths - The ethics of  those driving the the so called ' bargain basement culture " that dominates clothing retailers [and other industries] is to blame for the much of the uneven development and desperation experienced at the bottom end of globalisation, the curse being the  tolerance of uneven growth driven by unsustained  forms of  capitalism.

The deaths in a collapsed clothing factory in Bangladesh. Shelley Marshall says a race for the cheapest labour is costing lives.


The true conversation we need to have loudly:  Why is there little or no underlying ethical frameworks to guide the decision-making, and operations of, mining. It is a field little explored, in an era when even university research is increasingly sponsored by mining companies.

In The Shadow of the Sword"

Tom Holland discussion about his book "In The Shadow of the Sword" was amazing. Very interesting. "Tom Holland questions whether these triumphant Arabs were Muslims. Islam, he says, did not inspire this mighty act of conquest. Islam came later. This claim calls into question the Muslim view of where their religion came from. It severs the bonds that link Muhammad to Mecca and to formulation of the Koran."

Year of Quinoa’ - ‘International Year of Quinoa’ to raise awareness of the nutritional, economic, environmental and cultural value of a food that has been traditionally cultivated for thousands of years.


AM Current Affairs - 7AM Live Australia

Water expert warns: don't rush irrigation planning in the north

Fruit and veg at Melbourne's Queen Victoria markets

Seafood and aquaculture on the Gold Coast.

NT - beef industry, which is grappling with the rapid decline of the live export market

A true way forward - '' - Joel Salatin
Farmer, author, Polyface Farms, Virginia ******

Archive Four Corners: Opium Brides.Reporter Najibullah Quraishi journeys deep into the Afghan countryside to reveal the personal and social devastation the Government's counter-narcotics program is causing. This is a complex issue, and one Australia needs to be "equally" concerned about
Informative is Ihsan Dileri's interview on LifeMatters with Wendy Harmer. Mr Dileri is Youth settlement and project team leader at Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre in Melbourneand who did a 9 month study on the situation of Opium in Afghanstan, trying to look for alternative crops for farmers.

Debunking Medical legalising argument: Need 'amnesty plan or transition program for farmers moving into alternative crops'

Not unlike the 'rear earth' story in the Congo.... this story about Opium and the international role of players is too a MESS! | More



The Best Rave in Town!
Massey Lecture's

So creative Neil. this years speaker... is a true diamond!

Neil Turok Director of Canada's Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, previously professor of physics at Princeton and Chair of Mathematical Physics at Cambridge.

Transcript: President Obama 2013 inaugural address

Obama's inaugural was a call to action

Transcript of Obama's State of the Union speech
February 12, 2013

Ecologies in question - whose accounting for basic economic dilemmas? Is there a 'Tradegy of the Commons'? Positive: the herder receives all of the proceeds from each additional animal. Negative: the pasture is slightly degraded by each additional animal?

Global Agenda 2013?

925 million hungry people in 2010

Australia not a true Global player. As it works now to cut it's Foreign Aid - to redirect funds to it's "failed" Asylum Seeker program, it also spurts [a sicker then sick] nationalistic self justifying [xenophobic] rhetorical spin... Poor show Simon Crean and Bob Carr.  Your math hits the bottom-of-the-barrel. | Also see 7 30 Report [18.12.12]

 42.5 million people who were forcibly displaced as of the end of 2011, almost 26 million were receiving protection and assistance from UNHCR. In addition to these populations are an estimated 12 million people worldwide who are stateless.  | UN seeks $8.5 billion to help millions in crisis-stricken countries around the world in 2013

Bush Telegraph

Study tests whether ants can take the heat - Gobal biodiversity- Meat Ants.... "When the ground temperature, which during the hottest part of the day can be 40°C hotter than air temperature, reached 50°C the ants would reduce their activity. At 63°C ground tempetures". | Marine Snails on the other hand show impact of more acidic ocean..."Ocean acidification, resulting from the addition of human-induced carbon dioxide, contributed to this dissolution." The sea snails are an important source of food for fish and birds as well as an indicator of marine ecosystem health.

Many Australian birds featured by ornithologist, John Gould, are now either extinct or endangered.

Hanan Ashrawi speaks to ABC National Breakfast,  Fran Kelly from Palestine about the situation between Palestine and Israel. She said, "The problem is Israels sense of impunity."That they appear to be buying time -to prevent peace. When asked if the Palestinians will go to the ICC about Israel's move on Jewish Settlements Hanan Ashrawi said, the Palestinians are trying to give Israel time before going to the ICC.

When asked about the reaction of Australia's vote to 'abstain', she said, Palestine was disappointed if Australia had been negative, that at least with an 'abstain' vote they on the right track... mentioning at the same time reference to Human Rights.

More about Hanan Ashrawi.

Tops Natasha Mitchell: Interview with Dr. Clifford Saron, Associate Research Scientist, UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain and the Shamatha project on the effects of meditation practice on the brain. Specifically the discussion on Self Control - Purpose - and the focus on Training your Attention. Gee Whiz.

Encounter: Transcendental Meditation. Along the way we learn something about Buddhist, Jewish and Sufi traditions, and the growing popularity of secular mindfulness as a cure for all sorts of modern ills. Wonderful Work Folks. ZEN!

Humanity has failed to view itself as an integral part of nature, said Mr. Zukang, stressing the need for science and technology to forge a stronger link to the well-being of society as a whole, and not just to the 20 per cent of the world’s population in which wealth was concentrated.

So Beautiful, So Beautiful so very Beautiful:
Under Her Spell- An Australian Story. Zelie Bullen is based on Queensland's Gold Coast but she is recognised around the world as an animal trainer. Zelie shines, in all ways that are truly important. What an amazing woman. Far Out!

Well Done Australian Story. I have watched the last few episodes and all have been heartfelt human stories.... so valuable.

Phillip Adams
Late Night Live

Classic  FM  Radio

What is Human Security?

Culture of Peace with
David Adams.

Rethinking Poverty

Humanitarian News & Analysis Service

Art Therapy Congo  UNIFEED/UNICEF

Soothing Therapeutic Music for ALL Ages. The Hush Collection. New CD  "Wind & the Willows"

Art Therapy without Borders, Australia

Unification Thought

Arabian Nights Stories
How mythology & magic of The Arabian Nights changed the West

UNESCO Rock the World - from  UN Arts Initiative. I said "Rock the World"!

Millepiani - GREAT SITE

Photo's by Australian Artist  Mark Cypher Video: President

Obama showed off his vocal ability.

Key for Reworld - 43 Million Refugees on the Run
Give Voice to the Displaced People of the World

Muslims without Borders

Playlist Anytime on Weekend Planet

The Refugee Law Reader

Oxford Journal of Refugee Studies

e-International Studies

World-History Connected

Peace Operations Training Institute U/tube

US Foreign Policy Association



TOPS: 'Dumb ways to die' Train Metro Song *****

Noel Hayman, GP and the Clinical Director, Inala Indigenous Health Service in Brisbane speaks to Bush Telegraph - Why don't we hear more interviews like this one in mainstream media.*******
Bookshow interviews -  Ramona Koval with author Ian Mcewan - "SOLAR". Failure at Copenhagen climate talks prompted Ian  Mcewan to write this novel.

Right Two Books a must read.
Sand, by Michael Welland. Imagine, Sand used to make computers, windows, toothpaste, cosmetics... Sand has played a dramatic role in human history, commerce, and begs our imagination. Audio interview with Michael Welland. Dirt pdf - Ch  1 Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations, by David R. Montgomery. The root of our existence, dirt supports our feet, our farms, our cities. Today, slow but a recent rise of organic and no-till farming gives hope for a new agricultural revolution that might help avoid the fate of previous civilizations. Water Dreamers: The Remarkable History of Our Dry. By Michael Cathcart ||| Book Review by

Soil Degradation Security?


Embedded in our need to tackle changing climate are issues surrounding food security, shrinking resources and environmental degradation. All are issues linked by one inescapable fact. "Geography on the Edge."

The increasing amount of dissolved carbon dioxide oceans
is driving fish crazy. CO2 threatens fish's very survival in oceans.  Some 2.3 billion tonnes of human CO2 emissions dissolve into the oceans every year, home to fish and other species, altering their chemical environment. Researchers say, "We've now established it isn't simply the acidification of the oceans that is causing disruption - as is the case with shellfish and plankton with chalky skeletons - but the actual dissolved CO2 itself is damaging the fish's nervous systems."

Beautiful Photos. Sometimes the  only way to reflect a deep felt prayer.

'Love is misunderstood to be an emotion; actually, it is a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, a way of seeing oneself and others.'