All Welcome at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy

Nov GatheringBetween the 18th and 24th November 2015 there will be a number workshop meetings on Treaty - Sovereignty Business. Whether you fully understand the implications Treaty, Sovereignty, UDIs, or the "No" to Constitutional Recognition or not, you are welcome to the Gathering of Nations to contribute, learn, share and discuss. There will historical Films, Art - Music and Tribal Dance and discussions on Youth, Leadership, Community, Culture and Spirit Healing at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.

Website: Sovereign Union


Tent Embassy Rejuvenation Phase 1

Donate_posterThe Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra Australia has stood for 43 years. It is situated on the lawns of the old parliament building, and it has stood as a point of education, advocacy and rejuvenation.

At present after consultation with our elders the Tent Embassy members have been authorised to seek funding and solidarity from abroad. You can donnate if you want to help. The Tent Embassy is preparing for a National Meeting of Tribes from across the country in whatis hoped will be the spark of relighting the fire and spirit of our people and nations.

If you would like to know more please email- Roxley Foley