The Gambia
Lama, 18years old is raising funds to build a safe house for his family.

SUAOKI 150 wh

This was my first Solar Generator I ever bought. I have sold a few since.

solar oven-heater-kids

Make Playtime Real

Wonderful way to share the unique power of the sun with the children

Carry Porable Solar Everwhere

Solar Tarp

Carry Solar with you everywhere. Music Festivals, Conferences. All round  off Grid Ventures.


  • solar vs fuel generators
    Solar Powered Generator's vs Fuel Based Generators

    Why would you put up with noise, pollution and rising costs to run a fuel driven generator when you can have a Solar Powered Generator solution instead? Below I reflect a few sizes that are available from Amazon in Australia.

Solar News

  • Why Business Cares about Climate Change
    Why Australian Business cares about Climate Change

    Australian company directors have nominated climate change as the number one issue they want the federal government to address in the long term, according to a survey of more than 1,200 company directors..


  • Boss Watt Portable Solar Panel Statrt Up
    Kickstart Boss Watt

    Turn your sunshine into energy. Support this innovative new portable solar power design.


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